History and Management

Graduated in 1990 from ICS Begué Accounting School of Paris.
Chartered accountant since 1998.
21 years operating experience in the operating financial and
accounting assistance.
Language skills: English bilingual.

Statutory Auditor registered to the Appeal Court of Paris.



Hubert’s carreer started in 1990 when he joined Arthur Andersen’s accounting assistance department. During his sixteen years experience whithin Andersen/Ernst & Young group  he assisted a huge number of small and medium size companies acting in various sectors and activities (industries and services)

He founded Macofi in 2007 in the aim of proposing a wide range of services dedicated to the entrepreneurs, the  French subsidiaries of international companies and established structures requiring operationnal competence in the accounting and Finance domain.

Specific Expertise:

The depth knowledge acquired in various sectors of the economy afford Hubert to provide solutions for all kind of issues raised in the Accounting, Finance and Tax domains requiring a global vision to clear them. More over, Hubert has good  knowledge in International Gaaps such as US GAAPS and IFRS.

He assists his clients in Financial and  Accounting jobs at any level requested. His his able to cover the range from assistance to the production of Financial statements to comprehensive outsourcing. He also assists his clients in the definition and setting up of statutory and or  Group Financial Statements preparation procedures. Naturally he is able to offer tax compliance services or consolidation assistance.

He also intervenes in operationnal advisory jobs in the context of restructuring operations such as Merger and acquisition requiring financial due diligences or administrative process, tax and legal rebuild.

+33 (0)1 44 01 03 79 / Fax : +33 (0)1 44 01 03 77

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